17 Sunderland Avenue, Belvedere, Harare

Infernogold mining consultants.

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Diverse capabilities. Our mining consulting team is skilled in a range of services, including mineral exploration evaluation, mineral resources and reserves estimation, due diligence, feasibility studies, appraisals, qualified person reports, and more.

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17 Sunderland Avenue, Belvedere, Harare, Zimbabwe

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Services We Offer

Supporting Services

Infernogold Mining Consultants

We offer:-

  •  Mining Certificate Facilitation
  • Permit Facilitation (mining lease proposal,  environment protection and rehabilitation)
  • High quality mine planning, scheduling, simulation and other mining services to the mining industry. 
  • Contract Geologists
  • Mining engineers
  • Assistance with Compliance
  • Assistance with Inspections
  • Environment, Health and Safety Signs
  • Certified site contamination specialists
  • Certified environmental practitioners
  • Ecologists
  • Regulatory environmental compliance reporting
  • Baseline and annual environmental monitoring
  • Environmental chemistry and toxicology
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Rehabilitation and site remediation
  • Mine closure
  • Research Services 


We may be data experts, but we know how to communicate findings in language that engages and makes sense to your business. You’ll find our team to be friendly and accessible globally, with people in Australia, UK, South Africa and Canada


The data we provide strengthens connection between your corporate team and the field, which means more streamlined decision making that accurately reflects your objectives.


Our team includes geologists, cartographers, GIS and IT specialists, computer scientists, earth and mathematical experts and other data specialists with considerable international experience.


We work efficiently and meticulously to ensure you receive high quality data that transforms your operation in a tangible way. Attention to detail matters and we get the job done, so you get results.


We are unbiased advisors, and take pride in delivering unfettered, independent results. We believe in the power of data, and have seen time and time again, the impact it can have on an operation.

10% off your first project.

Looking for Competent/Qualified Persons for your mining project? What about a technical advisor, an expert witness or Owner’s or Lender’s engineer? Infernogold Mining Consultants provides mining consulting for all kinds of mining projects and operations – All the mining know-how you need, from one single source!

Our Experience speaks volumes

Our specialists know how to collect, assess and communicate findings that reveal valuable insights into your mining or exploration venture.

Infernogold Mining Consultants

We’ll Ensure You Always Get The Best Result.

Our independent data experts offer solutions that grow with your operation and add-value to your venture – whether it’s established or just founded.


We have experts available across the whole mining chain. These world class specialists are on hand to ensure every facet of your project is considered.

We respond within 24hrs

Each of our experts is backed by considerable hands-on experience in the mining and resources sector.

And, we are trusted advisors to clients in Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada and America.

We are one of the few international consultancies with an independent data management service, and our team is world-class too. As a result, you will enjoy enhanced performance based on accurate data, and streamlined communications.

Need help advancing and optimizing your minerals project? Talk to our experts!

Advance and optimize your project by working with multidisciplinary experts who offer diverse, comprehensive, worldwide experience

Operational Mines

Looking to save money, improve efficiencies, become more sustainable, meet due diligence requirements?

Start-up Mines

Do you seek to add value to their venture and leverage opportunities and create tangible results for your venture?.


Discoveries and sales.

Government Agencies

We assist with expert consultants for transparent and independent reports.


Optimize exploration and its outcomes through state-of-the-art targeting tools used by highly experienced consultants.


Add value to your project by using the latest exploration techniques and innovative technologies to design and implement your exploration programme


Cost-effectively solve your environmental challenges while minimizing liabilities and complying with regulations

Mining Claims for Sale!

Looking forward to invest or own a mining claim in Zimbabwe?

Look no further, we have well vetted and resourced claims.

Gold, Lithium, Manganese, Black Granite and many more…

Our Team

Our exploration team partners with junior explorers, international majors and mining companies who want tailored solutions, which add value to all stages of the exploration process.

No matter what your exploration requirements are, we have the experience and technical skills to deliver quality results that maximise opportunities at your site.


Looking forward to a career in the Mining industry?

Click here to visit our Careers page.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We are leaders in our industry, with an extensive network of international experts at our fingertips, who share valuable knowledge that advances your project.

Claim Discoveries

We can source for you any registered claim. We have a large number of claims registered with us for your selection.

We can negotiate on your behalf or facilitate dialogue with respective owners.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are unbiased advisors, and take pride in delivering unfettered, independent results. We believe in the power of data, and have seen time and time again, the impact it can have on an operation.

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17 Sunderland Avenue, Belvedere, Harare, Zimbabwe

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